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Good Afternoon

Summer training with the American Ballet Theatre

Kidsday reporter Electra Ray Scheiner gets ready for

Kidsday reporter Electra Ray Scheiner gets ready for her American Ballet Theatre workshop. Credit: Nicole Scheiner

The American Ballet Theatre travels all around the world performing various ballets. Every year, the ballet holds summer intensives for students to come train with them. There is a young dancer program that is for ages 9 to 12; the older intensive is for ages 11 to 22.

The young dancer program is for two weeks, and the older dancer intensive is for five weeks. When you go to the audition, they can send you all over the country. I got into the one in Manhattan, so I commuted in and out of the city for two weeks with my friends. When you are at the intensives, you take the following classes: technique, pointe, modern, choreography, jazz and character. You also get to take classes such as dance history, nutrition, pointe shoe lecture and mime.

On the first day you have a placement class to see what level you get into. The day after, they give you a schedule with all of your classes. You have one main teacher, but you still have the opportunity to work with other teachers as well. One of the classes on your schedule is choreography. Your main teacher will create a dance for your group, and you will perform it on the last day in front of your parents. My favorite class to take is modern — it is a good challenge for me.

This is such a fun and unique thing I get to do over the summer. Look it up online:

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