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Good Morning

Acro changed my mind about dancing

If at the age of 4, someone had said that I would love dancing, I would have looked at him or her strangely. But now, at the age of 9, it is absolutely true: I love dancing. I love the movement, the music, the emotion and how it all comes together to create something so beautiful.

At age 4 I started my first ballet class, and when I was in the studio, I cried from sun up to sundown. This class was not supposed to be a mommy and me class, but I refused to dance without my mother by my side, so my mom stood right next to me in a room of 10 other 4-year-olds. I quit dancing after that year.

Two years later, I tried again but quit at the end of that year because I refused to wear those uncomfortable tights. Two years passed, and at the age of 8, I tried something called acro. It's gymnastics and dancing all in one, and I loved it.

This year, I am doing acro, tap, ballet and lyrical dance. Who knew I would come to love dancing after my past experiences?

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