Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

I write plays and perform at home to prepare to be an actor

Kidsday reporter Lucas Scourtos hopes to become an

Kidsday reporter Lucas Scourtos hopes to become an actor when he grows up. Credit: Scourtos family

Every couple of months it is showtime in my house. My siblings and I create shows about different things. Sometimes we make shows for holidays, sometimes history, and sometimes we create shows just for fun.

One of my favorite shows that I made with my brother is “Thor vs. Ultron.” I make plays because I want to be an actor when I grow up. I write scripts for my shows and I sometimes make music. Most of my shows are with my sister, my brother and me. Sometimes it is my sister and I, or just my brother and I and sometimes my shows are just me!

The ones that are just me are more complicated and take longer to practice. I still manage to pull it off, though, and it is a lot of fun. Remember, the secret to a good show is to have good actors, good background music and a great story.

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