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Acting classes help kids learn confidence

Have you gone to see a Broadway show and said to yourself, "I can do that"? The truth is that acting is really hard. Do you think they learned all of that in one day? It takes a lot of skill and confidence to be on that stage.

I got started in theater last summer at SoLuna Studio in Hauppauge. I wasn't that good at first and I am still learning with every class and every show. Although I had experience in dance performances I had never tried acting.

Megan Pietroforte is the education director and she has worked with us to help us learn and grow in dance, music and theater. Megan has us play games to help our acting skills.

One of these games is called "This is a what?" -- a game that helps increase your memory. Everyone sits in a circle and one person passes around various objects and creates names for each. As they are passed around, each student needs to remember the names. After the object returns to the first player, they can change the name and continue to pass them. It can get confusing but it is a lot of fun and helps our skills.

I have participated in four shows now and each of them I was a little nervous. Megan says it is natural to feel nervous. My cast members are always supportive and at the end of the performance when the audience yells and applauds it makes us all feel good.

I love acting because of everything you learn and the excitement of performing on stage.

Here are some tips from Megan that can help you get over stage fright, whether it is for acting or just a classroom project:


Don't look at the audience

Stay in character

Be prepared

Imagine the audience is something funny

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