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Actor Luke Wilson of ‘Rock Dog’ talks with Kidsday

Actor Luke Wilson with Kidsday reporters Sean Bellia,

Actor Luke Wilson with Kidsday reporters Sean Bellia, left, Ariana Piniero, Zachary Garfinkel and Bryn Griffin Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met actor Luke Wilson when he was in Manhattan recently. We loved it when he did the voice of Bodi in the movie “Rock Dog,” but we also like him in movies such as “Legally Blonde” and so many other funny films.

Have you and your brother [Owen Wilson] ever gone for the same role?

I think we probably have. I think it’s probably happened and we haven’t known about it. But a couple of times that I know about, it’s definitely happened. I think he’s such a funny guy. I’m always happy to see him up on the stage.

When did you decide that you wanted to become an actor and why?

Well, I always loved movies and so did my brothers. . . . We would use like little cameras, kind of like the camera we’re using now. We would use those and try to make little movies just in our neighborhood, and make little action movies down near this creek where we grew up. We’d always thought it would be a fun thing to try and do, and we were lucky enough to kind of get a foot in the door a few years ago and get started. We all got started together, which was also fun.

Do you watch your own movies?

That’s a good question. I’ll get nervous to watch them, but yeah, you do. It is helpful to watch them to see things that you did that you feel like they work and then other things you think, “Oh, I could have done a better job there.” And then sometimes, like if I’m watching TV and one of my movies comes on, a lot of times I’ll watch them just because I like the other people in the movie. Like sometimes it’s fun to watch Will Ferrell. It’s fun to watch Martin Lawrence. Mainly I watch them not to see myself but to see other people that I worked with.

What type of movie roles would you like to portray the most?

I’ve done a lot of comedies. I think it would be pretty fun to do a sports movie. I’ve got an idea for a baseball movie that I would like to do. But then I’ve always liked action movies. I always thought those were pretty cool. One of the fun things about working on movies is seeing what the stunt men do when they’re really good athletes — stunt men and stunt women. So, yeah, it would be cool to do a good action movie.

If you weren’t acting, what would be your dream job?

I like journalism. I’m interested in politics and stuff like that. And writing. I always think newspaper writers are interesting, and magazine writers. So maybe something like that, like journalism. And then the job that I did when I was growing up — I did landscaping, which I like. I had fun doing that. I liked the guys I worked with.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

I’m from Texas and I always like to go back there. I like to go see my mom and dad. And then it’s pretty cool, I don’t know if you guys have ever been over to London. Places like that are pretty interesting, or just seem so different from even New York or where I live now, in Santa Monica, California. But, yeah, I like those places with a lot of history. I’ve gotten lucky enough to go to Rome, Italy, a couple of times, to see the Colosseum and see those old ancient kind of buildings that are crumbling, but they’re still part of everyday life.

Since your brothers are both actors, did that put pressure on you to become one?

Not really. I mean, we all kind of started together on this one movie we made called “Bottle Rocket.” We all made a little short film of it that was 16 minutes, and then we turned it into a feature-length regular movie. And we all started together. We were all kind of more of a team. But we are competitive. I don’t know if you guys have brothers and sisters, but sometimes we can’t help but be competitive with your siblings.

Is it hard to be famous?

I am kind of a shy person, so I always kind of like meeting people. Like people already kind of know you, sometimes. So, yeah, I mean, I don’t really mind it. People are always pretty friendly. I always like talking about movies that I’ve worked on. But, yeah, maybe it could be hard if you’re like Justin Bieber or something like that. You know, I can go out and walk around in the city and have fun and kind of be on my own. But I really enjoy it.

What is your favorite rock group?

I really like the Rolling Stones. And then your parents will probably know that. Then there are newer bands that I like a lot. But I was born in 1975, so I’m a little older. I tend to like these older bands. I really like singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan and Neil Young. But I really like a wide range of music, like coming from Texas, I kind of grew up with country music. So I like country music.

When you’re not acting, what’s your favorite hobby?

I play a lot of golf. Just, I mean, when I was growing up, I played football. I ran track. So, after I got out of high school, I really missed doing that. I just wound up playing golf because my dad played golf and my oldest brother, Andrew, played golf. I like being outside, and you know, it takes a few hours. And it’s one of those sports where it’s really hard to get — I mean, you never master it. You can always get a little better. I enjoy playing golf in my down time, as well as spending time with my family.


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