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Actors Camille Hyde, Brennan Mejia talk ‘Power Rangers’ show

"Power Rangers Dino Charge" stars Camille Hyde and Brennan Mejia with Kidsday reporters from left, Madison Healey, Kaley Garbacki, Sarah Fleishaker and John Kilbride. Photo Credit: Therese O’Loughlin

We spoke to two of Nickoelodeon’s “Power Rangers Dino Charge” actors Camille Hyde (Pink Dino Charge Ranger) and Brennan Mejia (Red Dino Charge Ranger) when they were in Manhattan recently.

Did you get to choose your color suit?

Camille: Actually our suit colors chose us. If you’ve seen the show you know that we bond energy. It’s similar to that when we were auditioning we wore different colors and if we were good in our color then that’s just the color that chose us.

What do you like to do for fun?

Brennan: I like circus and acrobatics. I was a circus performer before I became a Power Ranger. I can do handstands and climb on things and swing on trapezes. That’s all kind of fun to me.

Camille: I am a competitive horseback rider. I am also a biology student and environmental science kind of stuff and then I also sing. I love to dance.

Is it hard to do all the stunts and do you have to practice a lot?

Brennan: We trained actually with a Japanese stunt team for almost a month. Three hours a day. So they taught us a lot of fighting and how to fall safely, and flips. So it was really cool. We got to just practice with some of the best people in the industry. We learned and then it was OK.

How many girl power rangers are there in total?

Camille: Just me. It’s kind of fun actually. It’s cool because sometimes a good group of heroes needs that one girl to kind of keep the boys in line. Girl Power.

Do you like being a Power Ranger?

Brennan: Yes I love being a Power Ranger. I watched Power Rangers growing up as a kid so getting to become Power Ranger myself is really cool.

But is there any downside in being a Power Ranger?

Camille: The suit can be a little tight especially after a heavy breakfast, but those are things that you can control.

Brennan: Just have a smaller breakfast when you have to save the world. Then you eat a bigger lunch.

Do you like your character or would you want to play someone else that’s in the show?

Brennan: I like Tyler, but did you guys see last week’s episode by chance? The Gold Rangers Review? Well the Gold Ranger he would be pretty cool to be I think, but other than him I like being Tyler. I think he’s pretty down to earth.

Camille: I love being Shelby. I think she’s an awesome character, but I think we’ll see in future episodes that we all get to play around with who we are.

Did you ever watch the old seasons of Power Rangers?

Camille: Oh yes. Trust me the boys back in New Zealand when we were filming (we film in New Zealand) after every shooting we’d get home, have dinner and lo and behold these boys would be watching Power Rangers.

Brennan: We’d put it on the TV, our kitchen was right there. We’d make all the food, sit on the floor and just watch Power Rangers and learn about past seasons to help us focus on how we’re going to save the world ourselves. Just learn from the originals.

If you could, would you like to live a day as your character?

Camille: Absolutely. I live as my character all the time. Shelby, she was really into dinosaurs, she was pretty studious, she just loved dinosaurs remember? Well I study science too and love animals and I ride horses. So it’s kind of like the same thing. Horses instead of dinosaurs.

Brennan: And Tyler is just adventurous and he loves going outdoors and I love going out and camping and hiking. So it wasn’t too hard for me to be Tyler versus being Brennan.

Did you watch the Power Rangers when you were growing up?

Brennan: I still watch the Power Rangers growing up. I love watching “Power Rangers.” I watched Might Morphin . . . growing up. I love watching ours. It appeals to all ages. You have people like in elementary school who love Power Rangers. You have people who have graduated college who still love Power Rangers.

Are you anything like the Power Ranger you play?

Camille: Yes. Everyone joked around and said he was Tyler. Brennan and Tyler are synonymous for one another. He’s exactly the way Tyler is. There is no acting necessary. And for me Shelby in a way was very similar like me as I said she liked studying dinosaurs. I love animals and she was like the kind of tomboy group. And I grew up kind of like the sporty tomboy as well. But in other ways we’re different. It’s kind of cool to play someone who’s different from you as well.

If you got a wish, what would you wish for?

Brennan: More wishes. Is that OK?

Camille: I would probably wish that people wouldn’t hurt animals anymore. I really don’t like it.

If the Power Rangers took on the Ninja Turtles, who would win?

Brennan: Well I don’t want to say anything negative about Ninja Turtles, but . . .

Camille: Us!

How can we become a Power Ranger?

Brennan: You train hard, you study and do your school work because Rangers have to be all about their studies first. So you want to make sure you stay in school. You also have to be Ranger fit so you have to stay active and eat healthy and then you really just have to pursue it in a way that you live a life that people could look up to, that you inspire other people by the way you live. You always help others first.

Camille: Work as a team. It’s never only about you. To be a Ranger you really have to know that you want the best for everyone else just as much as you want good things for yourself. And having a really kind heart and being genuine and down to earth and good things come to good people. When you do for other people, good things will come to you.

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