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Actress Kate Hudson reveals special charm she takes everywhere

Kate Hudson with Kidsday reporters, from left, Adrianna

Kate Hudson with Kidsday reporters, from left, Adrianna Sigler, Linda Barrera and Morgan Reid in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met actress Kate Hudson when she was in Manhattan recently. We talked to her about her movie career and all the fun things she does. Kate has been acting since 1996, and she has two sons, Ryder and Bingham.

Do you have a lucky charm you bring when you go on a movie set?

I carry around something special, and it’s not just about movies sets, it’s sort of everywhere. It’s not necessarily a lucky charm as much as it is things that mean something to me. And one of [those things] for me is, I carry around a rose quartz heart. It’s like a little crystal. I carry that around. My mom, one year, gave me this big glass bowl and she filled it with all these rose quartz hearts and they sort of fit in the palm of your hands and [you can] hold them and touch them. I always take one with me whenever I go anywhere.

What was it like when you were a kid having famous parents? Did it affect the way you were treated?

You really don’t start to understand it until you’re like 8 or 9. By the time you’re 10 you really do understand it, and the truth is, it’s actually the opposite of what people would think. People do treat you differently. They treat you differently for reasons that don’t feel good. It’s like you sort of become — when you’re young and your parents are famous and you know that people are being nice to you because they might want to get something from your parents and you don’t necessarily really like it. You get a really good sense of the people that are real and that are cool and the people that are sort of not so cool. And I say it, too, it’s funny because I think that when you grow up like that, it would be like something always taking your parents away, the attention away from your family. So you’re trying to have lunch or dinner with your parents, and they’re just my parents, to me it’s just Mom and Dad, but to other people they get excited, which is wonderful but for us as kids it sometimes didn’t feel so great because we wanted our parents.

Did it change your opinion about being an actor?

So you sort of think like the only reason I would want to become an actor was never about being famous because I didn’t like it that much growing up. I didn’t like seeing my parent’s attention being taken away from our family. It really made my love of acting something that was very honest, which is kind of cool. And then you get to see sort of what “famous” is from a different perspective. There were some cool parts. I remember when I was a kid and I went to Disneyland, the first time I went to Disney I was with some of my friends, and then I went to Disney with my parents and I just skipped the line, and I was like, “That was awesome.” So there was some stuff that was pretty cool.

If we were to become actresses when we got older, what advice would you give us?

I would say make sure you have other things that you love to do because it’s a very challenging profession. I would ask you why you want to do it. And if your answer was you really want to play different characters and it doesn’t matter where you’re doing it — it could be at a local theater or it could be at the top of your game as a big movie star and big movies. If it didn’t matter to you what your end goal was as an actor, if you just needed to be an actor, I would say go for it. Because the worst thing you could do as an actor is [do it] to be famous because it’s a very, very challenging profession. You have to do it because you really love it because it’s a roller coaster of a lifestyle and a career.

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

If I’m being really honest it wasn’t toys, it was clothes. It was either that or then I played — I had all brothers — I did love My Little Pony, and I loved Rainbow Bright. I had them as toys. Clothes were my favorite. I loved dressing up. At my birthday party ever since I was little I just wanted tutus, and I had a lot of ice-skating outfits and little heels and things. I just wanted to wear clothes all the time. Madonna, when I was little, was everything when I was your guys’ age. I had like big black petticoats and bows in my hair. Like clothes were my thing when I was younger.

Is there anything you would want to do with your career that you haven’t done yet?

All kinds of stuff. There are all kinds of different parts I’d like to play, all kinds of people I would like to work with. I’d like to direct a movie, if not multiple films. I think that probably will be where I’d go as I get older.

Would you like your sons to be in a movie with you?

Eventually, if Ryder became an actor, to work with him as I got older and if he sort of created a career for himself, would be amazing. I want them to do what they love. I want my kids to really see the world, experience what their passions are for themselves and what they really want to do. If Ryder came to me and said, “Mom, I really want to be in a movie,” I probably wouldn’t let him do it until he was older.

Is there someone you want to act with that you haven’t acted with yet?

Yes, there are lots of people. I would love to work with my mom — that would be awesome. I would love to work with Cate Blanchett. I think it would really be fun to work with Julia Roberts. I would love to work with Christian Bale. It’s endless. To be honest I would love to work with anybody. I would love to work with the entire cast of “Kung Fu Panda 3,” but in a live-action movie where we actually get to act together. That would be awesome because it’s such a cool cast of people.

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