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Actress, singer Sabrina Carpenter talks with Long Island kids

Actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter with Kidsday reporters,

Actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter with Kidsday reporters, from left, Avery Halleran, Maggie Stolberg, Olivia Garcia and Julia Pianko. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met singer Sabrina Carpenter backstage at the Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater recently after one of her incredible shows. She is one of our favorite singers and actresses.

Do you have a talent that is not related to singing?

I grew up as a dancer. I used to competitive dance as a young girl until I was around 13 years old, which is when I started working on “Girl Meets World,” so I had to kind of stop dancing full-time.

Was there any inspiration from any fans to sing instead of act?

I always think I wanted to sing. So it wasn’t any particular person that inspired me. But my fans inspire me every day to keep writing music, which I think is such a powerful thing. I think it’s one of those things where having a good support team around you and people to tell you — to remind you every day, especially — who you are and [how] unique and driven and talented that you could be, if you put your mind to it, is a really good thing.

Did you want to be a singer or an actor first?

I wanted to be a singer first, because I didn’t really know what acting was. I booked my first acting role when I was 11. And then after that I wanted to pursue both, and that’s kind of what I’ve been doing.

What would you have done differently, looking back on your career?

Nothing. I can’t go back in time and fix it. So I really couldn’t change anything. And I don’t think I’d want to, because everything happens for a reason. Everything led me to where I am, right now with you guys.

Do you have any special musical warmups before going on stage?

I go like this — they’re like lip trills — and I go brwwwwwwww. It’s really annoying if you’re around me a lot. But I think it’s really fun.

Is there a special something you and your band do before going on stage?

I always huddle up with my band, and we’ll always chant something random about the city that we’re in. Or I’ll listen to “I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain.

Out of all your songs, which would be your favorite?

“On Purpose.” I think that will always be one of my favorite songs because it’s got a sense of a ballad mixed with a pop song, and it feels very sentimental to me. It makes you feel good inside.

If you were to sing with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Oooh, good question. I love Bruno Mars. I love Rihanna. She’s crazy, crazy great. I would probably say one of them.

Do you make up the theme of your music videos? And if you do, do you choreograph them?

It depends. Certain videos will come in with directors with an idea, and then we’ll build upon that. And then other times I have a very clear vision of what I want for the videos. So I’ll look for a director that can probably bring my vision to life. So it’s always kind of different. But I do like thinking of my own ideas.

Does your family travel with you?

Most of my family does, but at one point or another, when I’m on the road, it’s really cool because I get to go to cities that I wouldn’t normally get to visit when I’m working, so a lot of my cousins and aunts and uncles will be all across the United States and they’ll come to shows. My sisters will get to come, and my dad.

In the future do you want to succeed in something different from acting or singing?

I’d like to stay in the same career if possible. I don’t know when I would take such a left turn, that I would think of a completely new career, but I’ve been working at this since I was probably 9 or 10 years old. I’d like to keep going.

Do you have a nickname that was given to you by singing or acting?

Wow, that’s a really good one. I mean, when I was in elementary school, they always called me “the little singer.” I don’t think that’s a nickname, but they always just called me “the little singer” because I would always sing in my elementary school talent shows.

What was your first reaction when you got your first acting job?

I screamed. I wasn’t driving. My mom was driving on a highway and I got the call, and I just started screaming, and I was like, I need food.

Is it harder to sing on stage or dance on stage?

Good question. I’d say both of them at the same time, because when I’m dancing it’s harder to sing. Singing in general is not very hard on stage. But when you throw dancing in there, it gets harder.

Do you ever mess up on stage and the fans help you out?

All the time. There’s been a few times where I’ll mess up a lyric and maybe they don’t help me out, but they at least will forgive me. But there’s been some times when they have helped me out. I love that you can go to a show and just be there in person and see everything in front of you and enjoy it.

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