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Adidas Smart Ball can reinforce what the coach teaches

Kidsday reporter Alvin Lopez with the adidas Smart

Kidsday reporter Alvin Lopez with the adidas Smart Ball and app. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

The adidas Smart Ball is a soccer ball that can track and gather data from your kicks to the adidas Smart Ball app on a smartphone through Bluetooth. There is an app for iPhones and Androids. It can show where you hit the ball, how many miles per hour it was moving, the revolutions per minute and its flight path.

It can also show you how to do specific techniques by indicating what position to put the ball in, how far from the ball to be and the angle before shooting it, as well as where on the ball to strike and how to follow through after making contact.

Movement is tracked by a little ball located in the middle of the ball. You can buy this ball at for $99 in a really nice white, black, green and gray color, which is the only option they have. But now if you think about it, isn’t that a great way to learn how to shoot a ball?

Jaclyn Graham’s students, Plaza Elementary School, Baldwin

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