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Adjusting to life as the new kid at school

Photo Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kimberly Te, Manhasset

Have you ever been the new kid? Well, I have and it’s not easy. Moving to Long Island from the Bronx was really hard. Leaving all my friends behind was so difficult for me. And I had to meet new friends in a new school and adjust to a new neighborhood. This is something a lot of kids may have to deal with this summer because that’s when families tend to move and the kids have to start at a new school in the fall.

In the first day of middle school I was so nervous to be in a new school without my friends there. The things that were new to me were the lockers and changing classes because in the Bronx they do things differently. But when I went to my first-period class I had a feeling that it was going to be a good year. I was right. I was able to make friends easily because all the sixth-graders were new at my middle school. Now I have new friends that I can count on. Being new is not fun but when you meet kids that are really nice to you they could help you through the year.

My suggestion is to be confident. Do things that you really like and other kids who have the same interests will be there too. Smile and be friendly to everyone!

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