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Adventureland Amusement Park a mix of old and new thrills

Adventureland's manager, Steven Gentile, with Kidsday reporters from

Adventureland's manager, Steven Gentile, with Kidsday reporters from left, Syasia Johnson, Yeslin Javier, Jennifer Portilio and Katherine Garay Credit: David Sonkin

Adventureland Amusement Park is a fun place to be. There are so many rides and so many fun things to do.

One of Adventureland’s main attractions for 2016 is the ride Turbulence. This roller coaster took the place of Hurricane and it is truly amazing and thrilling. It takes you high into the sky and travels as fast as 45 miles an hour! It is a ride for kids and adults 4 feet and taller. Adventureland’s manager, Steven Gentile, let us go on the ride and it was the best experience ever. If you’re in the backward seat you could see the clouds or almost touch the sky in the afternoon.

They also have other cool rides, such as Adventure Falls, which is a water ride. This fun, wet ride is 16 years old, and is also for people 4 feet tall or more. You will love the thrill of this ride and you will get wet! If you’re an older kid, and like being a rebel why don’t you check out these two rides: The Frisbee or the Pirate Ship? The Frisbee takes you whirling and twirling through the air. It will make you dizzy! the Pirate Ship looks like a giant ship and it will swing you back and forth. Hold on tight!

They also have kiddie rides too, and some of the rides you have to be under 60 inches tall to get on, such as The Lady Bug, Alfie’s swings and the tea cups. Another ride you should go on with an adult is the “spinning cars.”

Adventureland has a great history. The antique cars have been there since 1965, and back then were called antique autos. The park’s first ride was the Little Dipper. Another thing that keeps on going is the Adventureland train. It has circled the park since 1962, and back then it only cost 25 cents for a train ride. They also had a horse in 1965 — Honey the Horse — and the cowboy’s name was Davey Dixon. The Kiddie Speed Boats weresthe oldest surviving opening day attraction at Adventureland, but they were removed at the end of 2002.

We can’t believe there are so many rides here! There’s also an arcade. and a new eating center. So even if the weather isn’t perfect, it is still perfect to spend the day at Adventureland.

Adventureland is the best, and a fun place to be. We don’t know if we could go a summer without Adventureland. And, we won’t! See you on Turbulence!

Adventureland is at 2245 Broad Hollow Rd., Farmingdale. Check them out online:

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