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For Friday fun clubs, we like to stay after school

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Zoë Rizzo, Flushing

After a long, hard week at school, kids at PS 79Q look forward to Fridays because we have special clubs we can participate in with our friends from our class and other kids in the school. Here are some of the clubs we have: Legos, Zumba, Boot Camp, Green Team, Math Games, Board Games and Yoga.

Every Friday we choose our clubs. Each club is different from the others and has different things to do.

Boot Camp is like going to gym class, exercising and doing warm-ups, such as high knees and push-ups. Also, they use this website called GoNoodle, which shows videos that can help you exercise.

Zumba is a really fun dance, and it’s kind of like Boot Camp, but we do only some of the Boot Camp exercises there.

Green Team is like a “go green” club. We recycle paper and make recycling boxes.

Board Games is a club for kids to play games together and go against each other while playing.

Math Games is almost like Board Games, but it’s more related to math than fun. For example, Monopoly is a money game (Scrabble is an ordinary game).

At Legos club, you can play with Legos and build with them. You can build towers, houses, cities, gardens and much more if you use your imagination.

Yoga meets in a room where you can do yoga poses. You can also stretch, and it will be peaceful, calm and quiet.

Jennifer Speicher’s fourth-grade class, PS 79Q, Whitestone

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