Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

After-school program in Levittown offers homework help, fun

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Max Cortez Cruz, Merrick

Our school has a great after-school program, LAP, which stands for Levittown After-school Program. I have attended this since I was in kindergarten, and now I am in fifth grade.

LAP is such a great program. Not only is it fun, but we also have the opportunity to get our homework done earlier. Once our homework is complete, if it’s sunny we go outside and play in the field. If not, we play games in the library or we play with equipment in the gym.

There are activities for all ages. LAP is a great place for kids who have parents who work late, because the LAP counselors will take very good care of you. So even if it is your first day and you are feeling a little emotional, don’t worry because your friends will keep you company.

The LAP counselors are just like your regular schoolteachers, except they are all nice and funny. They do tell you to be quiet and to finish your homework, but once you are done you can play. Here are some examples of how they can help: You can ask the counselors for help with your homework and they will say “OK, I can help.” They can teach you some fun crafts.

LAP is the most extraordinary place I can think of (it is the best place on Earth, too). It’s also a great place to make friends.

Dyanne Case, Melissa Dinkelacker and Janet Nizinski’s fifth-grade class, Northside School, Levittown

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