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Aidan Considine talks to Kidsday about 'Underdog Kids'

Aidan Considine, center, is a seventh-grade student at

Aidan Considine, center, is a seventh-grade student at JFK Middle School in Bethpage. He is with Kidsday reporters and students from his school: Olivia Hulser, Navvir Singh, Richard Phan and Margarita Mavroukas. They were talking to Aidan about his movie "Underdog Kid." Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

A movie star goes to our school! Aidan Considine just finished seventh grade at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Bethpage, and he is co-starring in the new movie "Underdog Kids" as Alex Michaels.

We sat down with him recently to talk about his role in the action-comedy adventure film, which will be available on DVD and On Demand July 7.

What do you like better, acting or martial arts?

I think martial arts, because of how long I've been doing it. I've been doing it for nine years, and acting is only for a couple of months. ...

So I would probably say martial arts. But I like acting also.

How did you get involved with the movie?

My coach for my karate auditioned everyone that's on my team. We each had a different role. We each auditioned for a different spot in the movie, but I was the only one to actually get the part in the movie, which was Alex Michaels for my role.

Were you nervous about the stunts?

I did my own stunts in the movie. I wasn't as nervous because . . . they put pads around and they put cushions so I didn't get hurt, so I was all good.

Was it hard to learn your lines for the movie?

It was hard. I had to redo different takes, multiple takes, in order to get it right, but we had the stagehand and the stage group come over, to just remind me of my lines so I got them right.

Where did you film the movie?

We filmed it in Los Angeles, California, and we went to different locations around the area in California for a month and a half.

Do you miss school to do your training or travels?

Yes. Usually, tournament is on Friday and Saturday, so Saturday we don't have school. But Thursday, I have to go and drive or fly to the competition, and then Friday I compete. So I would be missing school then.

How did being in your movie affect your schoolwork?

It didn't really affect it that much because of the time that we shot the movie. It was in the summertime, so we didn't have as much schoolwork. But 2013 is when I came to middle school, so right after we filmed the movie I came here.

What school do you go to learn karate?

Busto's Martial Arts in Plainview. It's not too far from here.

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