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Air Hogs drone: Tricky but amazing

Kidsday reporter Cole Del Bianco from Rocky Point

Kidsday reporter Cole Del Bianco from Rocky Point with the Air Hogs drone. Credit: Erin Del Bianco

The Air Hogs — Connect Augmented Reality Mission Drone toy (SpinMaster) is amazing once you know how to fly it with a smartphone, tablet or mobile device.

There is a training mode that is free with no sign-in but there is more. The free flight mode allows you to just fly the drone around. But my advice is to fly it in a high ceiling room.

In the final mode, also known as mission mode, you need an account and it needs to be finalized by an adult otherwise your account will be deleted in 30 days. In the mission mode, your phone will turn into a virtual reality city on the mat you have laid down on a floor. In virtual reality the city will be on fire and deserted by aliens. Your job is to save the city and all the people. Good luck!

The drone itself is very small and runs out of battery very quickly. The body is black and white with gray camo, lights by the wings and a star in the middle of the body. The body is made of Styrofoam. The drone comes with a black case that holds the charger, a mat that your device turns into virtual reality city, and the drone.

It’s very tricky to fly but you get the hang of it. I like what it’s made out of because if it crashes it will not break anything.

Rating: 4 smiles

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