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Good Morning

Air Trampoline Sports

I love to visit Air Trampoline Sports because there's a big variety of stuff you can do. There are trampolines in front of basketball hoops, so you can jump up and dunk the ball. There's also a pit where you can jump off the wall into the foam.

Last but not least, there's dodgeball. It's just like regular dodgeball, except with trampolines, and it's still really fun.

Then there's a place where you can just jump around with trampolines on the walls, so you can bounce off the walls. My favorite is the basketball hoops, though. I am usually too short to dunk on regular basketball hoops, so that works out for me.

Have your birthday party there or get a lot of kids and have a dodgeball game. Air Trampoline is a fun place to be!

It is at 1850 Lakeland Ave., Ronkonkoma. For more details, call 631-619-6000 or go to

I give Air Trampoline a 5-smile rating.

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