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Slice of life: My family's pizzeria

Kidsday reporter Gabriella Lombardo of Copiague at her

Kidsday reporter Gabriella Lombardo of Copiague at her family's pizzeria, Albert's in Copiague. Credit: Lomboardo family

In 1998, my father and grandfather invested in Albert’s Pizza on Great Neck Road in Copiague. That was the day our family’s adventure began.

Albert’s was originally built on Oak Street in 1957, then it moved to Great Neck Road in 1984. It’s been there ever since. As soon as my father was old enough, he started working there. My grandparents always knew my father was going to be a hard worker, and they knew they could count on him. Dad is still passionate about his love for pizza and still works seven days a week.

My family owning Albert’s is very cool. I love being able to walk to Albert’s after school, have a slice with my friends, say hello to my dad and grandpa and the workers that have become more like family. I look forward to working there one day because I have a passion for cooking. On the other hand, it’s very frustrating because sometimes people ask me if they can have free pizza or a job.

My father rarely makes it to any of my volleyball games or school events because of work. Good thing technology is the way it is today because he is always cheering me on from behind the ovens. We have traditions, too. On Christmas nights, my brother, dad, mom and I go to Albert’s to make pizza dough for the next day. It is so much fun. These traditions will always be a part of our lives because pizza is in our blood.

When I said I wanted to write a story about Albert’s, a lot of the kids in the class cheered. I was so happy because many told me it is the best pizza around. My dream is to expand Albert’s and maybe create an Italian bakery with a pizzeria attached. I know now that owning your own business is hard work, but dedication leads to success. Please stop by!

Info: Albert’s Pizza, 1642 Great Neck Rd., Copiague.

Paul Harvey’s sixth-grade class, Copiague Middle School

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