Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

All about you with MeCam

Have you ever heard of a MeCam ( If you haven't, then you don't know what you're missing. MeCam is a camera, but it doesn't look like a camera. You can take videos with audio and pictures, too.

The MeCam gives you high quality pictures. The battery on the MeCam lasts up to 80 minutes, and the memory card goes up to 16GB. You can instantly see your videos and pictures by plugging the USB port into the computer. It even has an infrared setting, which means you can use it at night or in the dark. We used it and had so much fun with it.

We think you should buy the MeCam because not a lot of cameras are small, or have such excellent quality. It weighs less than an eraser and fits in your pocket, or you can hang it around your neck for instant access. It comes in colors like black, white, green, yellow and purple.

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