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Good Evening

Always time for sports on TV

We asked 140 kids in the fourth and fifth grades if they like to watch sports on television. We found out that 103 kids like sports and the rest don't and, even more, don't want them on TV!

We also asked them what their favorite sport to watch on TV was. The two top choices were football and soccer. Most kids like those games because they play them themselves, and they like all the excitement and action that happens during the game. Kids love the hard-hitting tackling in both sports (especially football) and they love the touchdown dances, too.

Without a doubt, playing the game was important for both boys and girls because they understand all the players are going through.

The sport that was one of the least-favorite to watch was baseball. They said the game is boring and goes on forever and ever. The action is just too slow. Even though a lot of kids play softball and baseball, it is just too hard to watch.

A few kids said they like ice skating. They love the graceful moves of the skaters. A few kids said they like boxing, too.

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