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'Amazing Spider-Man' review, interview with stars

Actor Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb with

Actor Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb with Kidsday reporters (I) Dylan Yehoudian, Drew Hecht, Lucy Kim, Sydney Grishman, all 9 from Cantiague Elementary School in Jericho. They did this interview at the Crosby Hotel in Manhattan on April 25, 2014. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Last Friday night we went to a media screening of the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" in Manhattan and then went back to Manhattan on Saturday to interview a few of the stars of the new film.

We really liked this movie and we all agree that this film had a lot more action than the first movie.

It is filled with action and emotions and some parts were very scary! We agree that the movie is so great in 3-D. Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Spider-Man is terrific and we love Emma Stone as his girlfriend Gwen Stacy.

In this movie, an Oscorp scientist, Max (Jamie Foxx), wants to celebrate his birthday. Max wants to be noticed and liked. Instead of getting to celebrate his big day, he is forced to work. While fixing some of the wires in the office building, he is electrocuted. He falls into a tank filled with electric eels and when he wakes up, he now has superpowers and is called Electro. He turns into an angry villain who ends up in Times Square terrorizing everyone and knocking out the city's power. While this is going on, a second villain, the Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan), emerges. Before he turned into a villain, because of a potion he used, he was Harry Osborn, Peter Parker's childhood friend. Harry is dying from the same disease his dad died from and because Peter can't help him, he, too, becomes another angry villain.

Spider-Man battles both Electro and the Green Goblin throughout this exciting movie. We loved it! We will admit that the boys liked it a lot more than the girls, but overall we give it 4 smiles (out of 5) and you should see it today. You won't be disappointed.

Going back to the Crosby Hotel on Saturday to meet members of the "Spider-Man 2" cast and movie director Marc Webb was almost as exciting as seeing the movie! We were able to ask them a few questions.

We asked Andrew Garfield how he reacted when he found out that he got the part of Spider-Man. Andrew said, "I think I cried because I always wanted to be Spider-Man. So I cried and got really, really excited. I just thought it was the biggest dream come true. And then very quickly I kind of realized it was going to be a lot of work, I realized it was going to be really hard and it became very scary pretty quickly. It was a big movie. I'm so happy I got to play make-believe and pretend that I'm Spider-Man for a little bit."

Jamie Foxx has been acting a long time. We wanted to know if he still gets nervous before shooting a scene. Jamie said, "Of course I do. I get nervous because even though I've been at this for a long time, if you add all you guys' ages up, I've been doing almost that long. But you always worry about can I get it right, especially like 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2,' because you kids are going to see it."

Jamie plays an interesting villain in this movie, Electro. We wanted to know if he had the choice, would he rather be a hero or villain. Jamie said, "In this movie I play a nice bad guy. I like playing the villain. I get a chance to play Max, I'm bald, and have a bad combover. I don't look all that cool, but when I turned into Electro, that's pretty cool with all that electricity. . . . I enjoy playing a villain."

Dane DeHaan plays the Green Goblin. We asked him what he liked most about his role. Dane said, "It's just a lot of fun. When I was your age, I use to play Spider-Man all the time. I had Spider-Man pajamas, I'd put them on and I was Spider-Man. Now I'm older and I'm a serious actor and I'm playing a bad guy. I get to take myself seriously, but I still get to play pretend."

Emma Stone plays Gwen Stacy and we asked her what she will remember most about being in this movie. She said, "Being in 'Spider-Man' is so different than being in any other movies. It's so enormous and you go all over the world talking about it and so many people love the character. It's just not like anything else. So all of it. I can't think of any one specific thing. It's just been a crazy time."

We wanted to know why she thought kids should go see this movie. Emma said, "I think Peter Parker and Spider-Man is a pretty inspiring guy for kids. I think he's really human and he's really relatable and he has problems just like any kid. Anybody that's ever been bullied understands what goes on with Peter because he's just this regular guy who's picked on for being skinny and he has these powers and is able to stand up to people who are bullying people all over the city. So I think he's a really inspiring guy."

Finally we asked Marc Webb how many people he had working on this movie. We were so surprised by his answer. He said, "There were about 3,500 people who worked on the movie and some of them built sets, some of them worked in New Zealand building the costumes and some of the set pieces. There were some people who worked in computer graphics. Some people that worked as accountants. Some people that cooked food. And then 11,000 extras."

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