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Meeting ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys’ cast members

From left, actor Erinn Hayes, Kidsday reporters, Zainab

From left, actor Erinn Hayes, Kidsday reporters, Zainab Waheed, Evelyn Apazidis, Zenzele Kelly and Angela Williams, and actors Swoosie Kurtz and Chris Diamantopoulos at the Amazon offices in Manhattan on March 29. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

The new Amazon Prime series, “The Dangerous Book For Boys,” is an amazing, adventure-filled show. It displays how even if you lose someone, they are always there for you afterward. After losing their father, Wyatt (played by Gabriel Bateman) and his two brothers, Dash (Drew Powell) and Liam (Kyan Zielinski), discover a book their dad created and left them. This extraordinary book, titled “The Dangerous Book for Boys,” transports them to wild adventures from the coldest parts of Antarctica, to the incredible jungles, and even to a World Series of poker game. Still, with all of its wonders, Liam and Dash forget about it after a few days. This leaves Wyatt to explore this extraordinary book and go on breathtaking trips with his father. Meanwhile their mother, Beth (Erinn Hayes), tries to control their rambunctious grandma, Tiffany (Swoosie Kurtz) and their crazy uncle, Terry (Chris Diamantopoulos). All in all, “The Dangerous Book for Boys” is a comical, heartwarming series with exceptional actors that you don’t want to miss.

We had the opportunity to interview some of the biggest characters from the show at the Amazon offices in Manhattan recently. Errin, who plays one of the main characters in the series, is smart, funny, kind, down to earth and a beautiful woman. One of the questions we asked her was, “What movies inspire you to be who you are today?” She said the movie that inspired her was “Groundhog Day.” She also told us said that “Groundhog Day” is about fate and second chances.

We also asked, “Which one of your movies or TV shows are your favorite?” She said she loves all of her shows but she really loves the show “Childrens Hospital” because she could embrace her comedian side. We loved meeting Erinn and we would do it again one million times.

We also interviewed Swoosie who was an entertaining and funny person. From her sense of humor to her kindness, she is an overall great person that we all enjoyed interviewing. One of the questions that we asked during the interview was, “Do you get nervous during auditions?” Swoosie said she goes to the audition and if she feels good about the role, the speaking just flows naturally. I think that is a good strategy to go into an audition. Another question we asked was, “If you could switch to any character in the show who would it be?” Swoosie said she would want to switch to Chris’ character, who is the father. She said that Chris gets to do most of the fun stuff in the show like traveling all over. She also mentioned that she would like to switch to the character Wyatt. Swoosie explained that she likes his imagination in the show and his connection with his father.

Lastly, we interviewed Chris, known for his popular roles in shows like “Episodes” and “Silicon Valley,” and is starring in “The Dangerous Book For Boys.” He is a talented actor and has an amazing sense of humor. He was definitely the most comfortable around us because he, too, has kids. One of the questions we asked was, “What is the most important thing you have learned as an actor?” He replied that compassion is one of the key things he has learned as well as perseverance and knowing that even if your audition isn’t perfect, just to be happy knowing you that gave it your all. We had a wonderful time meeting Chris and cannot wait for the debut of the highly awaited series.

We all had a great time interviewing Chris, Erinn, and Swoosie. The actors were so down to earth. We give this series five smiles for its compassion and humor. All of the actors were outstanding. You could really feel the characters and their emotion. It’s a comical and heartwarming show with adventure and twists. We recommend people of all ages to watch this truly amazing series, especially parents with their kids.

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