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Piff the Magic Dragon was hysterical

Piff the Magic Dragon, center, and Jade Simone,

Piff the Magic Dragon, center, and Jade Simone, left with Kidsday reporters Connor Smith, left, Madison Smith, Riley Smith and Lucia Lembo, all from Wantagh, backstage at The Paramount theater in Huntington. Riley is holding Piff's dog Mr. Piffles. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

 We went to The Paramount theater in Huntington to meet Piff the Magic Dragon. If you don’t know who that is, he is a magician who performs tricks with his pet chihuahua Mr. Piffles. You may have seen him on “America’s Got Talent.” He made it to the finals but was then eliminated. Piff is from London, but now lives and performs in Las Vegas. Piff loves Vegas because the warm weather is good for dragons. He said London was too cold for dragons so he is much happier in Vegas. Jade Simone, his assistant, sat in on the interview on April 20, as well. It was so much fun.

We asked Piff why he became a magician.  He said he wanted to be a magician from a very young age.  A magician he saw on a TV show t inspired him. Piff learned his first tricks from books and worked really hard to improve.

We asked Piff about his dragon character.  He insists he is a dragon. He explained that dragons are coldblooded and that is why he is so happy living in Vegas, where the weather is warm. Riley asked Piff if his dragon costume is comfortable. Piff  said was not wearing a costume. The green outfit was really his skin, which, of course, is comfortable.

We had a lot of questions for Piff.  What age did he liked to perform for? He asked us how old we were. When Lucia  said she was 11, Piff told us he likes to perform for anyone except 11-year-olds. This made us laugh.

Piff  is funny in his shows and was even funnier  in our interview. We wanted to know why, and he told us that magic isn’t real. During a magic trick, the magician uses sleight of hand to trick your brain. Piff said without comedy, magic would not be interesting. He said magic should be fun. When asked why his tricks included so much suspense, he  said suspense makes the show.  Why does he do so many card tricks in his show? He said he likes to work with cards because they are easy to transport, and inexpensive. If you lose them , you can buy a new deck anywhere and it’s no big deal.

Piff uses and eats a lot of different foods during his shows, which made us wonder what his favorite food was. Piff  said he had a new favorite: He had just tried Ralph’s Italian Ices for the first time and loved it. He told us he was disappointed that we didn’t bring him some more of it!

We wondered if he had ever failed at a trick during a live performance. Piff told us that it happens more often than you would think. Most of the time he is able to cover it up so no one  would ever know it didn’t work. But other times, he is not able to cover it up and the whole audience knows it failed.

Although Piff didn’t teach us a magic trick, he did show us one. He asked Connor to pick a card and write his name on it. Then Piff put the card back in the middle of the deck, touched the cards to Mr. Piffles nose and then boom! Connor’s card was on the top of the deck! It was amazing.

After our interview we stayed for the show. We were blown away by how many people The Paramount held and how grand it was. Piff performed onstage in front about 1,000 people. Bella, a showgirl, and Mr. Piffles,  the chihuahua, performed with Piff.  It was part of the Piff the Magic Dragon Tour.

The show was a mix of magic and comedy. Piff is very funny and entertaining to watch. He used people from the audience in most of his tricks. We were all hoping to get picked to go up onstage but we weren’t picked. He did pick a young boy and a teenager for two of his tricks. The rest of the people he picked were all adults.

We thought Piff’s magic tricks were amazing. Some of  his best included cards. We cannot figure out how he was able to guess the cards that people picked. We were especially surprised when he pulled someone’s card out of the cup of tea that he had been drinking during the act! Also amazing was a trick  in which Mr. Piffles  solves a Rubik’s Cube.

Although we really enjoyed the show, we would recommend it for kids ages 13 and older due to some language and humor that may be inappropriate for younger kids. Also, be warned that you may get chosen to go onstage and participate in a trick. If you don’t want to do this, we recommend sitting toward the back.

We give Piff the Magic Dragon 4 smiles. We loved his magic tricks and how funny he was.  We think teenagers and older  would love this show.

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