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American Girl dolls are my favorite

Kidsday reporter Eve Arevalo with her American Girl

Kidsday reporter Eve Arevalo with her American Girl dolls. Credit: Joshua Arevalo

Do you like dolls that look like you? Or do you like to collect dolls? Well, I have five American Girl dolls. Do you want to know some pros and cons about them?

Some pros are you can never get bored because you’re playing with them! You can also dress them up. And you can put them on a shelf.

There are some cons. A con is that the American Girl doll store is in Manhattan. You can damage the American Girl doll by putting bleach on it. And you spend all that money, but you grow out of them. Even with those cons, I rate them a perfect 10.

When I was 7, I got my first American Girl doll, and she is a doll that looks just like me! That made me happy, so I started to collect them. I have a dresser and a lot of doll clothes. All of the clothes I have come from the American Girl store. My favorite doll is my Truly Me doll, but a really neat one I have is the Create Your Own Doll.

This is how I created my own doll: I went to the American Girl doll website. Then I clicked “Create Your Own.” Then I picked a hair style, eye color, accessories, clothes and shoes. After we paid for it, my mom got the package in a week.

American Girl dolls are great! If you can’t see your friends, go to the American Girl doll website and learn how to create your own little friends.

Barbara Wright’s fifth-grade class, Birchwood Intermediate School, Huntington Station

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