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American Girl doll, accessories are a big hit

Kidsday reporter Mia Ciociano with the latest American

Kidsday reporter Mia Ciociano with the latest American Girl doll. Credit: Ciociano family

We checked out the latest American Girl doll and accessories. Mia liked the playful polar bear pajamas. She wrote: “This is a two-piece set. The top is red with ruffles on the bottom and printed on it is a cute sparkly polar bear with a present and snowflakes. The pajama pants are gray with many polar bears, candy canes and snowflakes printed on them. The pajama set also comes with knitted red slippers with white fur on top and two red hairbands. I recommend this pajama set because it is comfy, cozy and festive. It makes you want to cuddle up by your fireplace with your American Girl Doll.”

Dylan played with the American Girl doll’s “Truly Me” dog. She wrote: “I love it. The dog is great to play with. There are no rules. It is just fun to imagine it in different scenarios with me. I dressed up the dog and we had several different photo shoots. It was so much fun. I made a dog bed and put the dog to sleep each night like it was real. The dog was so adorable and small and fun. They also gave it a magnet in its mouth to hold a make-believe bone.

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