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American Girl doll fashion show: On the runway

Kidsday reporter Juliette Bohn models in an American

Kidsday reporter Juliette Bohn models in an American Girl doll fashion show. Credit: Laurie Bohn

Snap, snap the cameras go as I walk down the runway as Julie, showing off my poses and outfit.

My aunt and I always do fun activities together, so when she saw a flyer for an American Girl doll fashion show, she knew I would be interested. An American Girl doll fashion show is a trunk show full of outfits the dolls would wear, but for girls. A couple of months later, I was walking down the runway at Our Lady of Mercy School in Hicksville.

First, my mom took me to the desk where volunteers were escorting kids down to the waiting/changing room. Second, I walked down the flight of stairs, where I saw a bunch of kids and volunteers. Then, one of the women handed me my outfit to change into, marked Juliette Bohn, #22. Third, I walked to the corner of the huge room and waited on a short line to get dressed. When it was my turn, I walked into a changing room and got on my outfit, which was a ’70s look with bell bottoms inspired by the doll, Julie. Next, I sat at one of the tables and waited until girls started lining us up to go to the runway! Then, we sat behind the runway in our assigned seats.

I was the eighth girl to walk the runway. I came on to the center of the runway and struck a pose. Then I strutted down the runway until I was at the end, and two girls did a narration about Julie’s character. I pointed to my shirt and almost acted out my character. Next, I gave a smile and strutted back up the runway.

If you are thinking, “I wish I could be in an American Girl doll fashion show!,” keep an eye out for next year’s casting call!

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