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American Girl Place in Rockefeller Center is a great experience

Kidsday reporters, from left, Isabella Franco, Emma Ronai,

Kidsday reporters, from left, Isabella Franco, Emma Ronai, Janessa Mejia and Kelly Velasquez at the American Girl store in Rockefeller Center on Nov. 9, 2017. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

After our exciting train ride to Manhattan, we waited eagerly to be escorted into the brand-new, not-yet-open, American Girl Place located at 75 Rockefeller Center.

Within a few minutes, we were welcomed into the magnificent, bright, glittery and gigantic store. From the front part of the store, as far as the eye could see were American Girl dolls (and one American Boy doll).

As we were escorted around the American Girl Place, we saw many displays with different kinds of dolls. The first big display we stopped at was the doll of the year, Gabriela. We learned that the unique feature about Gabriela was that she had a speech impediment. After learning about Gabriela, Emma said, “Gabriela teaches you that you can be different. I love that every doll has a lesson you can learn from.”

Next, we passed by the Truly Me section. You can buy a doll that has the same hair and skin color as you, and on a computer you can customize even more traits to match yourself. After you choose how to customize your doll, she is delivered to your house in a few weeks.

One of our favorite stops on the tour was the salon and spa. In the salon, you can get your nails and your doll’s nails polished and you and your doll can get your hair done the same way. We got the chance to feel the doll’s hair and brush it, too. We learned that it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to brush out a doll’s hair.

After we saw all the displays on the first floor, we took the elevator to the basement. The main area of the basement had all the historic dolls displayed. Each display was interactive and gave us background information on that doll’s story. Even though these dolls lived in the past, you can still learn valuable lessons from them today.

As we continued through the lower level, we got more and more excited because we were getting closer to the cafe. The best part of the cafe was that there were mini seats, which attached to the tables. You can put your doll in the seat during your meal. Isabella said, “My favorite part of the American Girl store was the cafe because you and your doll could sit and eat breakfast, lunch or even dinner.” There was also a separate room to have a birthday party.

Finally, the last part of our tour brought us through the Wellie Wishers and Bitty Baby sections. The Wellie Wishers are mythical, fairy-type dolls who spend a lot of time outdoors. The Bitty Babies are American Girl dolls, except they are babies.

We all felt that the American Girl Place was magical. The memories we have from this experience will last a lifetime. Kelly said, “I might come into the city one day soon and go back to the American Girl Place. I can’t wait.” We all give this new store a perfect 5 smiles.

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