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Book review: 'Big Foot and Little Foot'

"Big Foot and Little Foot," by Ellen Potter (Amulet) Credit: Amulet books

I recently read the book “Big Foot and Little Foot," by Ellen Potter (Amulet). I really liked it.

If you are a younger kid, I would recommend having a parent read it with you because some of the words are confusing.

This story is about a Sasquatch tribe and a new type of tribe whose members have horns on their heads, like unicorns. They are called Squatchicorns.

Squatchicorns and humans don’t usually get along. Boone is a human boy who becomes friends with them and has them in his house for a birthday party. Boone, Hugo and Nogg go on a mission to solve a mysterious curse. The illustrations are so good.

Rating: 4.5 smiles (out of 5).

Jean Mahland and Sharon Mor’s fourth-grade class, Lawrence Elementary School

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