Good Morning
Good Morning

An older brother who's also a best friend

I have an older brother, Anthony. He is more than just my brother; he is my best friend. He was born with Down syndrome. That is when you are born with an extra chromosome. This makes it more challenging to do things that may come easily to other kids.

I do not look at my brother as having a disability. He's just like everyone else. He has a lot of friends.

My brother does not let Down syndrome get in the way of doing anything. He loves to play soccer, basketball, baseball and hockey. Baseball is his favorite. He is the most determined person I have ever seen. He never gives up if something becomes a challenge for him.

Every year we do a one-mile walk to raise money for Down syndrome research and education. There are games, prizes, food and lots of music and dancing, which is Anthony's favorite.

I wish more people knew what Down syndrome is. Some people treat him differently or stare at him. I would want those people to know that he is just like you and me. I am so proud to have him as a brother. He is the bomb!

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