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Animal Planet's Amanda Giese has a great message to share

"Amanda to the Rescue" star Amanda Giese, center,

"Amanda to the Rescue" star Amanda Giese, center,  holds two of her dogs and her daughter, Jade, right, holds the third, during a meetig with Kidsday reporters in the Animal Planet offices in Manhattan. The reporters are, from left, Devin Chester, Arianna Conde, Xjung Todd, Jaelynn Barter, and Ariyanna Davis, front. 
  Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We were stoked to meet the amazing Amanda Giese from the Animal Planet TV show, “Amanda to the Rescue,” and her daughter, Jade.

Amanda brought three of her dogs, Bullfrog, Groot and Garnet, to the interview and we got to play with them after our interview. We met her at the Discovery-Animal Planet offices in Manhattan. When we arrived, we sat around a big table and asked her and Jade questions about the show. Amanda was enthusiastic and loved our questions. She especially liked when we asked her about her quote that “kindness is cool,” and she said she thinks it’s easier to be kind than unkind.

We learned she prefers to use the terms handi-capable and differently abled instead of disabled or handicapped because she feels every animal can do what others can, just maybe in its own unique way. Amanda was very chill, and we had an amazing time learning about her and her rescue.

When we asked Jade what would happen if Amanda could no longer run the rescues, Jade enthusiastically responded that she will then take over! We noticed that they both have a good relationship and laugh a lot together, and were excited to learn that Jade wants to be a veterinarian surgeon when she grows up so that she can help continue her mom’s mission. We also asked Amanda and Jade if they celebrate their animals' or rescues' birthdays and they gladly responded “We do, actually. We celebrate all our rescues' and animals' birthdays every year!”

When we watched her show, it seemed like they only rescue canines, and were surprised to learn that they also have rescued other animals including a snake, a tarantula, and even a parrot.

Amanda also told us a story that her first rescue was actually a kitten when she was in the fifth grade. It was covered with fleas, so she brought to a vet and was told “If you want it to live, you need to put effort into it.” So, she rode her bike to the vet every day before school to help care for the kitten. A couple months later, the kitten was happy and healthy! This was the beginning of her passion becoming a reality.

We were shocked when Amanda proudly said that she has saved 100 animals a year, and more than 4,000 in total since she has started the rescue each year. That is such an amazing accomplishment. After the interview we got to take some really silly pictures with Amanda, Jade, and their awesome pups! We had a blast taking selfies with Groot, Garnet, and Bullfrog. We actually all have it on our phone screen savers now.

We feel so honored that we were given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will not be forgotten. If you haven’t checked her new show yet we all recommend all kids of all ages check it out on Sundays on Animal Planet.

Let’s keep her message going Kidsday readers that #KindnessIsCool!


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