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Animal Planet Interactive T-Rex, Hatch ’Ems reviews

Kidsday reporters Ashley Schreck, left, and Ashley Thomas

Kidsday reporters Ashley Schreck, left, and Ashley Thomas tested new Animal Planet toys. Photo Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We tested out two great products from Animal Planet:

We played with Interactive T-Rex. This toy is a dinosaur that you can tame and play with. It makes eight different noises including walking, snoring, purring, chewing, burping, farting and two different roars. When it roars the eyes glow bright red. We thought the toy was OK. You would need an adult to get the tail on and the batteries in. We like how it makes all the different noises. The younger kids like it. We think the toy would be good for you if you like animals that move around and interact with you.

AGE 8 and younger

RATING 4 smiles

The Animal Planet Hatch ’Ems toys include a big box of eggs and each box has a different animal in it. Some of the animals are frogs, crabs, snakes and sharks.

It’s not really a game but it was fun waiting for the egg to crack open and see the animal inside. The longer the animal stays in the water, the bigger it gets.


RATING 4 smiles

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