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Good Afternoon

Why testing products on animals is wrong

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

Did you know that millions of animals are used in U.S. labs each year? That statistic is according to I think testing human products on animals is cruel and should be stopped.

Many experiments on animals that are claimed to be safe fail in clinical testing on humans because they are too dangerous or don’t work, according to the website. This shows that animals are not a good model for testing. Animals aren’t even similar to humans. Only nine animals are similar to humans, and most of them are types of monkey. If other animals are not related to humans, why are companies testing on them?

Animal testing is cruel and inhumane. It is basically animal abuse. Imagine being shocked, burned or poisoned. It is not fair. The animals don’t have a voice. They can’t say, “Please don’t hurt me!” No animal is safe from animal testing. It is our job to protect them.

Finally, animal testing is dangerous and often deadly. No animal should be used in this process.

We need to find a new way to test products. You can help get the word out today: Stop animal testing.

Dyanne Case, Melissa Dinkelacker and Janet Nizinski’s fifth-grade class, Northside School, Levittown

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