This toy, Anki Overdrive (Anki), is a car racing game that you control with an Android or iPhone. The racing track is put together, and you can vary the shape that you make. The cars have different ratings. Some cars are faster, some cars are easier to control, some cars have more power, and some cars have more acceleration. On your iPhone, you can play against your friends, or you can play against the computer.

This game is fun, but after a couple of days, I lost interest. The pros are that the toy is easy to put together, and the directions are simple to follow. You need to download an app onto your phone before playing. After a while, it is repetitive. The cars don’t have many different functions. You can only change the speed, change the lanes, and change/upgrade your weapons.

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AGES 5 and up.

RATING 3.5 smiles