Good Morning
Good Morning

Have you heard these questions before?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Amanda Saladino, Greenlawn

Do you ever think the questions parents ask are annoying? We asked some of our friends what kinds of annoying questions parents asked them. Here are the top answers:

  • Did you brush your teeth?
  • Did you make your bed?
  • What did you do in school today?
  • Did you eat your veggies?
  • Did you do your homework?
  • Did you bathe?
  • Did you clean your room?

Do any of them sound familiar to you? We bet they do. Here are some suggestions of what you could do before they ask you: Make sure you clean your room, brush your teeth, study for tests, do your homework and do your chores. And no video games before your homework is done! These are all the suggestions we have so parents won’t ask you these questions. If you think about it, parents’ questions might not be so bad. They will keep you clean, smart and organized.

Jaclyn Graham’s students, Plaza Elementary School, Baldwin

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