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‘Another Quest for Celeste’ reviewed by Long Island kids

Credit: Katherine Tegen Books

This book, “Another Quest for Celeste,” is the sequel to “Another Nest for Celeste” by Henry Cole (Katherine Tegen Books).

Celeste is a mouse who gets lost far from home. Celeste goes on daring adventures to find her way back. A journey on a bag of flour takes her to a trip on a steamboat. The next thing that happens is very tragic because she and a friend get in a boat crash. Luckily, Celeste escapes on a barrel and makes it to shore by being dragged by two people who tried to sell what was in the barrel to people at a market.

Then Celeste encounters a rattlesnake and runs into the woods to escape. She runs up a tree and into a small hole. She meets two squirrels who introduce her to all the other animals in the woods.

Celeste becomes very comfortable with them. While she is with her friends, she learns about the dangers that they have to face such as winter and humans. However, a kind human, Abe, helps her survive winter. She sees that Abe is hardworking and honest.

Then one day, Abe gives her the opportunity to join him on a trip on a steamboat and go back home. Then she realizes that home isn’t a place; it’s where you are loved.

This book is a story back in the time of Abraham Lincoln. I would not have liked to have lived in this time because it was very hard and there was no proper schooling.

Colleen Lucie’s fourth-grade class, Sousa Elementary School, Port Washington

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