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Antigravity yoga levitates the practice

Kidsday reporter Vincenza Julian does antigravity yoga.

Kidsday reporter Vincenza Julian does antigravity yoga. Credit: Julian family

Antigravity yoga is a new and popular activity that is enjoyable for all ages. During each class you will feel weightless as you swing on giant hammocks that can hold up to 2,000 pounds — enough strength to hold a baby elephant. The instructor guides the flying students through poses, both simple and difficult.

An example of a simple pose is the Kayak, in which students glide back and forth nestled in the swing. A difficult pose is the Vampire, in which students hang upside down by their ankles. Attendees are not forced to do all the moves but are encouraged to try whatever feels comfortable.

At the end of each class, participants stretch out in the entire length of the hammock using their hands and feet. The instructor then comes around, swings each hammock and plays relaxing music. Antigravity yoga is a fun way to exercise, as well as release stress and anxiety.

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