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I love practicing archery with my grandfather

Kidsday reporter Logan Murphy with his granddad and

Kidsday reporter Logan Murphy with his granddad and archery mentor Ed Erickson. Credit: Jillian Murphy

The sport of field and target archery was introduced to me by my grandfather Ed Erickson. He’s been doing it for many years and has a lot of experience. I became very interested in archery when he took me to Suffolk Archers in Huntington, which is a 20-acre wooded park. This is where my love of archery began.

For my birthday, my grandfather gave me a compound bow. This bow makes it easy to pull the bowstring back. Many people use compound bows for hunting, because you can act quickly. He also gave me a quiver, which I use to hold my arrows when we are walking the trails at Suffolk Archers.

On the trails in the woods we practice shooting the 3-D animal targets. We also shoot the knock-a-blocks, which I like best. Knock-a-blocks are different shapes and sizes of foam blocks. We always compete to see who can shoot and knock them down first.

As you can see, archery is my favorite sport and I hope to continue and learn to use other types of bows. If it wasn’t for my grandfather, I would never have tried the sport. I love it and love spending the time with him.

Sue Casey, Debbie Dombrowski, Heather Mason and Kerstin Murphy’s seventh- and eighth-grade students, Jonas E. Salk Middle School, Levittown

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