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Are concussion prevention headbands for soccer a good idea?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Morgan Giordano, Yaphank

The intense game of soccer can lead to many injuries, including concussions. What are the effects of concussion gear, and can it really help? In soccer, to keep possession while a soccer ball is punted or kicked in the air, girls often jump up to head the ball. Although this is good to help your team, headers can sometimes cause a concussion and other brain problems as you get older. Concussions can also be caused by collisions with other players. There have been more soccer players experiencing concussions than in baseball, basketball, softball and wrestling combined.

Ali Krieger, a defender for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team and captain of the Washington Spirit, suffered from a concussion playing against the Houston Dash last year. She was defending Houston’s corner kick and Jessica McDonald jumped up at the same time and they collided. Ali got hit on the side of her head. She now wears a black padded headband to help prevent further concussions. As a soccer player, I am sometimes afraid to head the ball because I don’t want to get a concussion. Although a protective headband can help me head the ball and prevent concussions, I fear that having the headband would make me feel like I could play more aggressively. For example, heading the ball when it’s not an appropriate time just because I feel a little bit more protected. Another reason the headbands are not always good is because when you sweat it may slide down your head; this could get distracting while you’re playing.

If you are worried about concussions you might want to consider investing in a headband because it could prevent concussions and other head injuries.

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