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I’m so proud of my father’s military service

Kidsday reporter Ava Espinoza, right, with her dad,

Kidsday reporter Ava Espinoza, right, with her dad, Andrew, and sister, Olivia. Credit: Espinoza family

Since I was little, I’ve always known that my dad works an important job. My dad is a major in the Army National Guard. He’s gone on two tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, and still works for the government.

I was born when he was on his first tour in Iraq, and I was on the news and in the newspaper for it. What happened that was so important that they made a news story about me? I was scheduled to be born on July 10, and my dad would get to come home for it and then eventually go back. I wound up being born July 4 when my dad was still in Iraq.

As upsetting as it was that he wasn’t there, it was pretty cool that I was born on the Fourth of July. His second tour was to Afghanistan when I was in second grade and my sister was in kindergarten. My second-grade class threw my dad a goodbye party, and my third-grade class threw him a surprise welcome-home party. My class even made shirts saying “Welcome Home Major Espinoza,” and we were featured in Newsday.

My dad still works for the government and has even been in the White House, and even in the same room as the president. He loves his job, but he loves being home with us even more, and even if it means long car trips and getting stuck in crazy traffic, he rushes home to be with us.

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