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Art club draws on your creativity

Art club teacher Taylor Forster with Kidsday reporter

Art club teacher Taylor Forster with Kidsday reporter Jefferson Zamora-Martinez. Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

Are you interested in art? Do you like to draw? Well art club is the best after school program for you!

At Evergreen Charter School, everyone has a variety of talents. Our school offers clubs for kids to express themselves. My favorite is Art Club.

Many kids love drawing and would become better if they continued to practice. Your art teacher is always there for you to help you and make you have a good a time even if you feel like you can't draw. That doesn't mean that you not able to draw.

At my school, Art Club is for everyone, not just for good artists. Don't worry about getting dirty or messy, the teacher has smocks. I think kids who like to draw and try their best to improve in art should consider themselves lucky and gifted with the choice of joining an art club in their schools.           

Mary Kate LaSpisa’s fifth-grade class, Evergreen Charter School, Hempstead

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