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ArtFolds books get to the heart of sculptures

We tried out "ArtFolds: Random Acts of Caring" and "ArtFolds: The Wisdom of Walt Disney" (Fun Studio Books). ArtFolds are creative, fun and easy folding books. There are many varieties of ArtFolds, such as Christmas trees, flowers and snowflakes. They are books with pages you can fold to make 3-D sculptures.

Leila's sculpture was Mickey Mouse. The title was "The Wisdom of Walt Disney." As you fold these pages, you get wise tips from Walt Disney. At first it might look weird, but when you're all done, it looks terrific. There were a total of 120 folding pages, and they were super easy.

Karlotte's sculpture was a heart. The title was "Random Acts of Caring." If you get an ArtFolds book, inside are instructions on how to fold the pages. In the heart book, you simply fold the right-hand corners. As you go through the book, the lines you fold against get thicker and thicker. There also are tips on how to show acts of caring. This book has 91 folding pages.

ArtFolds are easy and create very neatly done sculptures.

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