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Ask Amy, the interactive doll, review

The Ask Amy doll from Mattel.

The Ask Amy doll from Mattel. Credit: Mattel

Ask Amy (Mattel) is a talking interactive doll for kids ages 3 and older. Amy is easy to set up and requires 6 AA batteries. Amy will respond to 12 phrases, but sometimes mixes up the phrases if you’re unclear. Amy comes with a storybook, but if you ask her, she will also tell you other stories. Amy can also sing songs and a lullaby. The doll won’t shut off automatically; she will close her eyes and make sleeping sounds but you have to turn her off manually with the switch on her back. Overall, the doll is a great toy for kids to play with. The only problems are that the doll could have trouble understanding or a kid could get fingers/hair stuck in the doll’s mouth. I got my finger stuck, but it didn’t hurt. I would just try to avoid the mouth area. It costs about $140.

RATING: 4 smiles

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