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Astronaut's dreams took off at John Street School in Franklin Square

NASA astronaut Michael Massimino grew up in Franklin

NASA astronaut Michael Massimino grew up in Franklin Square. Credit: NASA HANDOUT

As Kidsday reporters, we recently had an opportunity to talk on a phone conference with Michael Massimino, a NASA astronaut. He told us a lot of fun and interesting facts about his life as a kid, his astronaut job and what he is doing now.

Michael grew up in Franklin Square and went to John Street School. He dreamed of being an astronaut when he grew up. His favorite subjects at John Street were math and science. He liked math because he got to solve problems.

As a child, his first job was delivering Newsday. After school, he went out with his friends and played baseball at Rath Park. His favorite place to eat was Carmela's Pizzeria, which is in Franklin Square.

Michael's dream of being an astronaut came true. When we talked to Michael, he said he was very excited when he blasted off on his visit to the Hubble Space Telescope on both missions. He said it took eight minutes to get into space. He went into space two times, once in 2002 and the second time in 2009.

In 2002, before he lifted off, he came to John Street School, where every student and teacher signed a T-shirt that went into space. It is now displayed in our main hall. He found interesting signs in space. He saw a shooting star.

Now, he is moving on with his career. He is still with NASA, but he is teaching at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Michael is teaching students to help them get more interested in the NASA Space program. He was even on a TV show called "The Big Bang Theory."

We hope Michael Massimino comes and visits John Street School again real soon.

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