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At the Bronx Zoo: Penguins and tigers and bears — and more!

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Westbury

A great day trip to make this month is to the Bronx Zoo.

I went there recently and I could not believe all the animals you could see close up. Once we walked inside we saw a flamingo, then we saw a bear. The bear was fighting (or playing?) with another bear. We also saw polar bears, but most of them were napping. What really fascinated me was the fact that there were polar bears there in the middle of summer. After that we saw seals. They seemed to be as excited as we were. Next we saw penguins and other birds. There were deer, giraffes, monkeys, butterflies, turtles, crocodiles, snakes, mice/rodents, puffins and pelicans. The crocodiles were either swimming or napping. There were also big fish in small lakes or in tanks. The deer were only eating grass or walking around. The mice/rodents were mostly sleeping or were eating. The tiger was getting close to the glass, looking at us as if he was hungry. When I saw the butterflies, there were so many. I also saw through the glass how the caterpillars turned into butterflies. There were also fun facts about some animals that you could read when you visited each exhibit. There was also a peacock walking freely. The animals I liked most were the seals because they were so cute and they were doing tricks, waving, jumping and excited to see a lot of people. There was also a food stand that sold all sorts of snacks. There were probably a lot more animals, but I didn’t see all of them. I will go back soon. Check online:


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