One of my favorite things to do is to go to the New York International Auto Show in Manhattan. The Auto Show is a lot of fun for kids and adults. Here you can sit in your dream car and go on a variety of rides. My favorite virtual ride is the Jeep off-road course. You go into a Jeep that goes on off-road obstacles, like a hill climb and rocky terrain. The ride is bumpy, intense and a lot of fun. There are other rides like the Toyota track, clean air test track and the Ford off-road simulator.

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You can go inside many cars, including Mercedes, BMWs and Buicks. Those are just a few of the automakers at the show. There’s just about every car there you could imagine. There’s also a section for modified cars and classics. At the show you get a lot of free stuff. I got a bunch of bags with car logos, over 30 car books, a phone battery and a Jeep poster.

There are auto shows all over the United States. The 2017 New York Auto Show will be open April 14-23. Pre-order your tickets in December. I sure will. Go online: