Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

The school club that helps autistic kids SOAR

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Maven Martin

The SOAR club is an afternoon club in our school where kids spend time with children with autism. SOAR stands for Support Our Autism Rainbow. They develop friendships and help teach the kids social skills. The SOAR club helps give kids who may have difficulty making friends the chance to make lasting friendships.

I have found that the kids with autism like coming to this club and so do the students who help them. It is a place where everyone is accepted and equal. It is also a safe place — free of bullying and judgments.

The SOAR club is unique because the students have the most important role. The peer mentors are trained at the beginning of the school year in how to help children who have difficulty socializing.

I hope that the SOAR Club continues to develop for years to come. Every school should have a program like this. It is not only helpful for children with autism but also beneficial to the peer mentors!

Elisa Brosnan and Marybeth Clark’s writing and art club, West Hollow Middle School, Melville

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