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Babe Ruth was an amazing baseball player

Babe Ruth watches as one of his many

Babe Ruth watches as one of his many home runs heads out over the ballfield. Credit: AP

Did you know Babe Ruth became the first major league baseball player to hit 500 home runs, on this day, Aug. 11, 1929? He hit No. 500 but the Yankees lost to the Cleveland Indians, 6-5.

Babe Ruth was is still considered one of the greatest baseball players ever, and he went on to hit 214 more home runs after that to finish his career with 714. Here is some more information on him that I found online at

He was born on Feb. 6, 1895. Babe Ruth’s real name was George Herman Ruth Jr. His nickname became The Great Bambino or the Big Bam when he started playing.

He originally played for the Boston Red Sox. What made him even more amazing is he was not only an amazing hitter and outfielder, but he was a really good pitcher, too. When he played for the Yankees, his uniform number was 3. Believe it or not, eight other players wore that number until it was retired by the Yankees in 1948.

Babe Ruth died at the age of 53. When Babe Ruth played baseball he was the best player at the time.

He played as an outfielder and a pitcher for the New York Yankees. He was 6 feet, 2 inches tall.

Did you know that Babe Ruth holds the record for the most seasons (11) with 40 or more home runs in the major leagues? Pretty cool fact!

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