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Backyard chickens make great pets and give us delicious eggs

Kidsday reporter Brady Dolan with his family chickens.

Kidsday reporter Brady Dolan with his family chickens. Credit: Timothy Dolan

Did you know that chickens are great backyard pets?

They will stay in your backyard, and when it is night they will go into their coop on their own. Also, the eggs are delicious. If you don’t like eggs, chickens are also great companions. You can train the chickens to not hurt your other pets, and they eat a lot of bugs, which is good for your gardens.

Before you get the chickens, you need to build a chicken coop. We built our coop as an attachment to our rabbit coop. Our coop is made out of all recycled materials such as pallets and chicken wire. We have three areas for chickens to lay their eggs.

We also have a water system to give the chickens water — they only have to push a lever with their beak to drink. Also, we don’t need to change it, ever. We have seven chickens, and my favorite is my little friend, Brownie.

Overall, chickens are really easy to take care of and fun to own.

Ursula Gavan and Gina Romano’s fourth-grade class, Sunrise Drive Elementary School, Sayville

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