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Backyard Olympics for fun

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kiara Anderson, Stony Brook

Looking for something to do this summer? We just heard of a fun, adventurous event you can do with all your friends and family. It’s Backyard Olympics. We interviewed our teacher’s husband, Mr. Kenny Nizinski, and he told us how to organize our own event.

First you have to decide where you are going to play. Depending on who is playing and what type of games you’re playing, you might not be able to play in your backyard. Mr. Nizinski’s Backyard Olympics had to be held on a field. However, you and your friends can plan simple games so you don’t have to leave your backyard.

Mr. Nizinski and his niece, Alexis Alvino, created the games their families were going to play. Here are a few examples of some games they played and you can play as well.

The first game was a cone toss. One member of each team had to toss a cone onto the top of the fence. The first team to get the cone on got the points.

They also had a Frisbee toss and an egg toss. For the egg toss, team members had to stand 10 feet away from each other and after each toss take a giant step back. The last team standing with an unbroken egg received the points. The Frisbee toss was played like KanJam except they used a sheet and drew points on the sheet. One member of the team threw the Frisbee while the other member had to hit it onto the sheet and try to score the most points. They also played bocce bowling.

The final event was an obstacle course. There were six different events, and every member of the team had to participate in at least one. This was the event the teams could score the most points. Even though Mr. Nizinski’s Olympics used some hard-to-get items, you should make sure you use items you have around your house. It’s a cheap way to have fun.

Jade suggested another fun game she plays with her family: human hungry, hungry hippos. All you need is some people, buckets and balls. There’s always some game you can create with your family and friends.

Before you play, you have to make teams. You should create fair teams so it’s fun. Divide people so that abilities, numbers and ages are equal. Mr. Nizinski and Alexis had to separate people from ages 16 to 55. Everyone was surprised when the team who everyone thought was going to lose was crowned the winners.

If you want to have even more fun, each team can dress up or just wear different colors. Finally, you have to decide how you will keep score and how to figure out who the winner will be. Like the real Olympics, you have to make sure everyone is fair and kind, and remember it’s just for fun. The winners can get a paper crown or bragging rights.

Dyanne Case, Melissa Dinkelacker and Janet Nizinski’s fifth-grade class, Northside School, Levittown

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