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A good day with 'Bad Hair Day' star Laura Marano

Kidsday reporters Gillian Tarry, Grace Ackermann, Erin Skaar,

Kidsday reporters Gillian Tarry, Grace Ackermann, Erin Skaar, and Shannon Smith, all 11 from Wantagh Middle School, talked to Laura Marano who stars in the new Disney movie, "Bad Hair Day" at Planet Hollywood in NYC on Feb. 4, 2015. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Make sure you see the new Disney movie "Bad Hair Day," which airs Friday at 8 on the Disney Channel. We were lucky enough to see it before it was officially released, and we really enjoyed it. The movie begins with a girl named Monica (Laura Marano), who is getting ready for her senior prom. Monica has a very valuable necklace that two people are racing to get from her. The movie is very funny, exciting and suspenseful as both the good and bad people try to claim this necklace from Monica!

There are three main characters: Monica is the teenage girl who has the necklace. She's a typical high schoolgirl who just wants to go to her prom and be the prom queen, but some terrible luck with her hair and the situation with the necklace make it really hard for her to do this. Liz (Leigh-Allyn Baker) is an FBI agent who wants to get the necklace so she can fix a mistake that she made in the past. Christian Campbell plays Pierce, a bad guy who is trying to steal the necklace from Monica.

There were some parts of the movie that made us laugh, like when Monica and Liz see a man wearing the same hat that Monica wears to cover up her horrible hair. We loved the way Monica's hair looked! We also really like the car that Liz drives in the movie. One of the most exciting parts is when Liz uses a stun gun on Pierce.

Rating: 4 smiles (out of five)

Last week we met with Laura Marano at Planet Hollywood and talked about her role in the film.

Did the design of the wig take long?

Every day, whenever I had to wear it, probably 30, 45 minutes to put on. It's like the front part of my hair was real but the back was all the wig and she had a little pipe cleaner attached to it. It was really, really bad.

What was your favorite scene to film?

Any scene I had with Leigh-Allyn [Baker]. She was awesome. You watch "Good Luck Charlie," right? She's so funny in person, she was also executive producer of the movie. We had one scene in particular where I had to ride a bicycle and I'm not athletic at all and I asked to practice beforehand, and they're like, "Sure." I was really bad. I almost hit people, but it ended up being one of my favorite days because I ended up being great on the bicycle and we had a blast.

Was wearing a wig annoying?

No. I will say it was so hot in Montreal, so it got very, very warm. I didn't really wear the wig that much. I wore a beanie a lot, which I got to keep. I [also] had this long-sleeve shirt and this red leather jacket. I was very warm, let's put it that way. It was actually very comfortable.

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