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Baking with my grandma

Kidsday reporter Ava Thomson likes to bake and

Kidsday reporter Ava Thomson likes to bake and cook. Credit: Thomson family

I love to cook. My favorite food to bake is cake. The cake comes from a box, but I help to mix all the ingredients and pour into the cake pan. I help to ice the cake when it is done.

My grandma and I make chocolate chip cookies together. The best part is to eat the cookies warm out the oven. I even help to lick the bowl.

I also help my grandma make meatballs. To make meatballs you put the chopped meat in a bowl with spices and bread crumbs and mix with your hands (after you have washed them). You squish everything together and then you take little pieces and roll them into a ball. The ball goes into the frying pan to cook.

Cooking shows with kids are fun to watch. They are funny, and you can learn how to do different types of cooking. The best are the shows with kids my age. I don’t want to be on one of the shows — I just like to watch and be inspired.

Sue Casey, Debbie Dombrowski, Heather Mason and Kerstin Murphy’s seventh- and eighth-grade students, Jonas E. Salk Middle School, Levittown

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